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We are here to provide practical advice and customized solutions for you.



TEDS customizes technical assistance and training helping clients to overcome programmatic and personnel obstacles through innovative solutions and effective learning mechanisms. Learn about our strategy and approach here.

Economic Development


Project Completion

Taking an idea from vision to reality involves many steps. TEDS provides comprehensive support for each phase of the client's project development. Areas of specialization include affordable housing development, community-based project development, business/workforce development and faith-based initiatives. Find out more about our three phase approach to quality project management.



Understanding all of the regulations related to state and federal law can be daunting; failure to comply can lead to civil and/or criminal penalities. TEDS provides comprehensive monitoring to ensure success, as well as corrective action plans as needed. Find out more information about our government compliance monitoring.

Grant Research

& Writing

TEDS takes a two-prong approach to grant research for funding opportunities - broad based and goal specific. Targeted research methodologies are applied to identify appropriate funding opportunities, as well as complete, cost-effective support throughout the grant writing process; winning proposals are developed. Find out more information abour our specific grant research and writing services.

Speaking Engagements

The energetic staff has in-depth experience in local government, economic development, community building, special districts and civic engagement, community education lectures are available to help residents understand the important of your work. Find out more information about our speaking engagements

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