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Andrea M. Haughton - Vice President

"If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life.With confidence you have won even before you have started."

- Marcus Garvey


Andrea M. Haughton has lived on Long Island for the last three decades after migrated from Jamaica West Indies in the late 1980s. Her professional career has lead her to several Fortune 500 companies such as AXA Financial, Price Waterhouse and the Berkeley Group to name a few. During which time she became N.A.S.D. certified by the Stock Broker Institute and a certified Customer Service Professional by the LOMA Institute of NY and oversaw the training for all new company employees.


In the late 1990s, she decided on a career change and entered the political arena. She was instrumental in several political campaigns that lead to the success of several historical races. The success of these historical races changed the face of politics on Long Island. This accomplishment fueled her desire to service the community in which she lived, and it lead her to the Economic Development Department of Nassau County.


With more than eleven years of experience in Economic and Community Development, eight of which were spent directly in the Nassau County Office of Economic Development. During her tenure at Nassau County, as a HUD Certified HOME Investment Partnership Program Specialist. She served as Program Development Administrator in charge of the HOME Investment Partnership Program, the Emergency Shelter Program and the Community Development Block Grant Program. Working closely with municipalities, not-for-profit agencies and sub-recipients to screen, review and award grantees State and Federal funding. Once an award was made, she continued to work with grantees to ensure compliance with all local, state and federal regulations. Since leaving Nassau County, she has spent an additional three years as a consultant providing not-for-profit agencies with grant writing and government compliance support. Successfully securing grant funding from federal, state and private sources to support not-for-profit agencies in their economic and community development efforts and worked with grant recipients to ensure proper grant administration and reporting compliance.


She is uniquely qualified to work with a government agency that serves both community based organizations and other municipalities because she have been afforded the opportunity to work in the capacity of a grantor as well as a grantee. This practical experience enables her to clarify and customized program goals, articulate performance measurements and benchmarks to effectively identify appropriate funding opportunities, author, review and award grant funding. As well as administer and monitor grants to ensure proper compliance from the perspective of a grantor or a grantee.


Andrea is a HUD Certified HOME Investment Partnership Program Specialist and holds certification from ICF International as a specialist in US HUD Office of Labor Relations Training, Community Planning & Development and Rental Housing Compliance. In addition, Andrea has earned an Associate Degree from Nassau Community College.


Andrea is also a Certified Interior Designer by the Fashion Institute of Technology, NY; and uses her down time to provide the finishing touch to any decorative ideas needed by her family, friends and church.

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