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Teaming Opportunities

As a Section 3 – Minority and Woman-Owned (MWBE) small business firm, TEDS actively encourages strategic business collaboration in the furtherance of the company’s mission.We solicit organizations to provide additional economic development support services, including, but not limited to small business development, auditing, compliance monitoring, housing counseling, foreclosure intervention, single/multifamily housing development and property management.

Prime Vendors

TEDS is interested in firms who are well-positioned to provide subcontracting opportunities, including, but not limited to, HUD funded projects.


If you are a prime vendor interested in subcontracting through TEDS, please feel free to contact us.


TEDS is interested in collaborating with Minority and/or Women Owned Business Enterpresie on projects, including, but not limited to, government contracts, compliance monitoring and MWBE capacity building.


If you are a MWBE interested in collaborating on a project, we would love to connect with you.



TEDS provides capacity building for businesses interseted in applying for certification as a Minority and/or Women Owned Business Enterprise.


If you are interested in this service, click here to provide your company's contact information.

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